Backing up does not slow them down

We don't need to be fast so why do we keep trying to cover 120ft in one pass just to get called for icings? We don't need to be fast but look at all of the lazy, slow infractions: trips and holds and hooks (Oh...

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We had five times the amount of nominees this year

Acclimatising properly is an extremely important part of successfully getting to the top of the Matterhorn. I would recommend setting aside five to seven days to prepare properly and then climb the mountain. Rushing up the mountain can result in altitude sickness as the body...

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In 2013, GDP per capita was $4,700

It completely ideologically consistent with liberalism. Democrats aren socialists. They not even Social Democrats, FFS.It from the perspective of "if SF were filled with right wing caricature socialists instead of shitlibs, this is what they would do." The National Review is much closer philosophically to...

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