Speaking of that Week 3 shellacking

Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Some people are quite happy to share what they are doing every moment of the day, there could possibly be an app connecting friends or anything like that, similar to how Facebook shows where you are...

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Everything carries a risk, asshole

Or size. Or how it compares to other poos you've spotted online. The best way to judge the quality of your poo is by how it contributes to your health related quality of life. It was a slow and gradual escalation. Everything is fine and...

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In fact, I’m right there with ya

"I asked a girl one day, 'Do your parents know what you do'"Topco's chairman tells Roach. In a book best described as lightly organised, Roach's promiscuous use of footnotes occasionally becomes distracting. Yes, learning how an erection can be compared to nasal congestion is interesting,...

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