Because Rory’s Regulations require rapid treatment

Because Rory’s Regulations require rapid treatment

If you lie to your attorney, and he finds out about it, in all likelihood, he will not accept your case. Honesty is the utmost of importance. If you feel you have certain information you don’t want to disclose to him that’s one thing. Finding out your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover floods is an unwelcome surprise when you’re standing in the middle of your inundated living room. After Hurricane Sandy, some New Yorkers discovered that their homeowner’s insurance would not pay for flood damage: “They’re covering five shingles and a piece of gutter, and that’s it,” one told a Reuters reporter. Similarly, after flooding hit Iowa in 2018, an employee with the state’s insurance regulator told the Des Moines Register that he’d been fielding calls from residents with homeowner’s insurance who had not realized it didn’t cover sewer backups.

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